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We're excited to announce that the $DOKY community has voted to rebrand our logo. To avoid any confusion, please note that if you see our old logo on any platform, it is still the same token.

Donkey King

Donkey King ($DOKY) is a community-driven decentralized meme token with a dedicated team, pushing and developing behind the scenes to make this the biggest meme coin of 2024!

CA: 5Rs53fY3q4t4mLk9zBQ45cVNgF1RH7NqRNXiP6Pa5rYH

Join Meme Hunt

$DOKY holders will be able to get additional rewards in Meme Hunt, the Ultimate Multiplayer Game For Solana Memecoins. Currently, you will be able to use Rainbow Doky skin for free if you hold at least 100K $DOKY. More benefits are coming soon!

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$DOKY is a meme coin that's all about having fun and embracing the silliness. It's inspired by the popular meme culture, and its logo features a cute donkey wearing a crown. It's a lighthearted and playful cryptocurrency that aims to bring joy to the crypto world.


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Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to building a vibrant community centered around memes and cryptocurrency. We believe in the power of laughter, creativity, and the boundless potential of blockchain technology.

Q2 2024: Project Launch
Our journey begins with the exciting project launch on Solana chain. We introduce $DOKY to the world, laying the foundation of the meme coins.

Q2 2024: Community building & Airdrops
During this phase we will focus on increasing our community size and we also planned multiple airdrops for the members who will join us on our early days and help us to grow as a community driven project.

Q2 2024: Listing on CMC on Coingecko
Once we reach $500k marketcap, we willl apply to get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Q2 2024: $DOKY Holder Snapshot
We will take a snapshot around two weeks after the token launch. The $DOKY coins holder will get some token rewards from us.

Q2 2024: CEX Listing
At $1M marketcap we will be contacting Cex for a potential listing.

We will Regularly Update the Roadmap. Stay Tuned!

Vibrant Community


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Total Supply 10 B


  • *25% Airdrop:* Airdrops are distributed to community members
  • By allocating 50% of tokens to liquidity pools, $DOKY ensures a robust and liquid market, enabling users to trade with ease and efficiency.
  • So far we have burned 13.25% Doky token supply.
  • it's all self funded project, but we team will keep 5% of the supply to spend on future development.
  • 5% of the supply is kept for $DOKY marketing and social media giveaways to increase the $DOKY community.
  • 2.7% of the supply was shared to the community as referral bonus.
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